This is the first of a series of 4 oil paintings, which defines the various phases of LaVern Jackson’s (my mother-in-law)  life. This depicts the child hood years. Born in 1917 during the first World War. Growing up in the Roaring 20’s and depression years of the 30’s. Primary image (baby in this panel) is dominant and done in black and white. Other images are in color and represent images from her child hood that have meaning – home, car, religion – family trips & images of the day – bottom is battle fields from WWI. The series started out being a very personal representation of a life, but as I put it together I realized that it was much more. It seems to have turned out to be a commentary of our time –  and that her life could be measured by War – WWI, WWII, Korean and Cold War, and finally Gulf War.

Oil over Acrylic on Canvas

2016, Asheville, North Carolina