The ‘metanoia’ series captures moments of transformation.

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It builds bridges across intersecting points of awareness and explores presentience–sensing that which is coming into–but is not yet–’being’.

metanoia series abstract entitled hokem artist Rosemarie K. Robuck

My process initially generates (what feels like) haphazard lines that lack cohesion or purpose. I have no preconception or plan and there is a spark of uncertainty as I let the unknown take charge. Working from the center outwards, I find myself pulled into the unfolding emergence of an embryo.

The image progresses from an almost unconscious state, evolving mark to mark. I find those pencil strokes that feel awkward will fold themselves back into the next evolving detail; each pocket of narrative leads to another. I’m guided by the play of shadow and light, and driven by the need to discover the pathways through an invisible terrain. It is an unfolding journey through a landscape that already exists–somewhere– fully formed.

The images that involve the human form develop around realistic sketches. This framework introduces a dialectic tension that requires, but never fully achieves, resolution as the emerging abstract dances with the claimed and captured figure.

Each piece in the series remains elusive and undefined, writhing and undulating in flux–mocking and eternal.