I’ve been an artist my entire life, and I’ve created my website to share what I create.  I hope that you will find not just pleasure, but also inspiration.  Whether you take up, a pencil, brush, or whatever mark-making tool you enjoy… just start creatingAnd, if you are local to Asheville, give yourself a challenge and try out this local plein air painting group.  All levels of experience are welcome, and on the site you’ll find demonstration videos and see how different painters approach the same scenes.

People (and particularly members of my family) have been a favorite subject matter.  Portraiture is both frustrating and satisfying. Frustrating when nothing seems to work right, but satisfying when I manage a piece that I feel captures the person’s essence.  I have initiated a series that documents, not only my mother-in-law’s life, but also the times that she lived it. There are four panels – youth, young adulthood, married life and raising a family, and finally, the ‘golden years’. I used her personal photos and coupled those with images that represented each particular period of time. It is interesting how the paintings are evolving  – how those personal time periods correlated with periods of war.  I am still working on them, but you can see the first one by linking here.

My favorite medium is oil, but drawing is where I find myself the most creative.  Line, texture, and color are what drive my work, mostly particularly the abstracts.  Sometimes I just want to see what journey a drawing or painting will initiate.

I love YouTube videos for discovering inspiration, new tools, updated products, and new techniques.  My favorite series, if you have not found it yet, is Colour in Your Life, which is produced in Australia. During the pandemic I have spent more time reviewing videos and have two more channels I would like to recommend. Andrew Tischler does absolutely beautiful oil paintings and all of his videos are exceptional. Nicolás Uribe has a series called  Our Painted Lives that is very inspiring. You watch him paint while his voice over is talking about art, the process of being creative, his own struggles and introduces you to artists you may not have run across yet but probably should. All with great excitement!


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